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hheeyyy long time no see gregs04 journal<3

so its kinda funny we really have all stayed friends since gregs. yeah a lot has changed. but pretty much we all still hang out, i guess not as much as last year. i just wish that whole movie thing never happened at the end of december. that was so retarded. and kinda changed everyone again. im really not a hoebag so dont think that about me please. anywayyyyysssss i dont know why im writing this. well im bored hahah and im just glad we're all still friends <3 and yeah kelsey hcx bonding really soon. sooooooo im excited for summer and all are sweet parties and such. woooo driving too. wow since when did we get old hahah. ljsbcssb fern needs the computer and marc is calling. so i need to run. ill update again soon since no one else does<3 hahahah

bye loves

ps....i would also rather not be the one called "ruiner of the greggers" so dont think that either<3 hahhahahah
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